I work as an independent filmmaker, videographer, editor and composer. I've realised several experimental short films and I film and edit classical musical performances. Currently I'm expanding my music portfolio with a variety of stylistic experiments, composing and producing everything from my home studio.


Decision Pending

2014 - experimental documentary


Inspired by the 541 days that Belgium was without government, Decision Pending focuses on the appearance of politicians during committee meetings and plenary sessions.


There, everyone seems to be under the spell of difficult decisions that have to be made. In the corridors of power grows a sense of uncertainty and impotence. 

Decision Pending is a non-political film about politics, which unfolds itself as an audiovisual symphony.


2009 - experimental fiction

"A man is captured in a surreal world. He works nightshifts in a fish factory and explores its uncanny surroundings at dawn. A corpse he finds in the fields further dazzles his already mixed up thoughts. His relation to the deceased is unclear. Strangers is an exploration of a mind in an in-between reality. The shots which are put together in a hypnotizing way serve more as impressions than as carriers of a story." (Cinestud Filmfestival Amsterdam 2010)

In this film I wanted to portray a character; not through a story, but through his experience. The film doesn’t represent actual actions, rather it shows a state of mind, an experience of someone in shock after a disturbing discovery. 

Music to picture


Concert music

Decision Pending with live music

The images, sounds and music of Decision Pending re-worked into a different piece In tijden van crisis, here performed at Voorwaarts Maart 2015.