Film scoring exercises


These videos were part of an online Berklee course I took last year from April to June. The aim of the course was to learn several stereotypical styles of Hollywood film composition such as love themes, sad ballads, adventure themes, etc.


Participating in this course also made me take my first steps into the huge world of MIDI sequencing.


The idea was to write music that doesn't interfere with any dialogue and follows the major cuts of the video.

  • film music, background

Light orchestral background music, some piano and very little melodic development.

  • synth, vocal, epic, odd

Odd combination of synths and overtone singing, chopped up and stretched and what not. A hipster beat is trying to break through but never succeeds.

Intimate ballad
Sad ballad
Moderate intensity action

" I consider that music is, by its very nature, essentially powerless to express anything at all, whether a feeling, an attitude of mind, or psychological mood, a phenomenon of nature, etc…. "


Igor Stravinsky, An Autobiography, 1935, Calder and Boyars ed., 1975, p.53