A mix of music I've written over the years, between 2000 and today. Mostly live recordings but also a few recent electronic pieces with virtual instruments.



  • atonal, contemporary, Collider

Collaborating with Collider, an experimental sound tweaking software in development.

  • electronic, off beat, waltz

Music for people who can't dance. Instruments from Omnisphere 2 

but all were edited and tweaked to my liking. A few re-cut Logic drum loops.

  • atonal, contemporary

This little piece starts out mimicking Khachaturians Gayane Suite, well-known from Kubricks 2001 A Space Odyssey. I wanted to practice writing for string section, which is hard to get to sound realistic out of samples.

  • atonal, contemporary, film music, improvisation

A journey through the orchestra, going from various atonal textures to something of an improvised free-jazzy piano concerto with a brief detour through Disneyland near the end.

  • atonal, contemporary, film music, improvisation

After a nervous, aleatoric-like opening, a gloomy bassoon solo leads toward suspenseful action strings before evolving into an interpretation of Chick Corea's Children Song no.6.

Decision Pending with live music

The images, sounds and music of Decision Pending re-worked into a different piece In tijden van crisis, here performed at Voorwaarts Maart 2015.

Music to picture