Some of these days

(working title)
Experimental fiction - 50 min. - filming planned for 2022

Visiemateriaal bij dossier

Some of these days test


Decision Pending

experimental documentary, 2014

An alienating observation of politicians going through (or stuck in) the daily routines of decision making. 


short fiction, 2019password = expo2018

A group of people gather at a reception. The occasion of the event remains unclear. Everyone attempts to act appropriately. Waiting for something to happen in silence, anticipation gradually turns into anxiety.


short fiction, 2009

"A man is captured in a surreal world. He works nightshifts in a fish factory and explores its uncanny surroundings at dawn. A corpse he finds in the fields further dazzles his already mixed up thoughts. His relation to the deceased is unclear. Strangers is an exploration of a mind in an in-between reality. The shots which are put together in a hypnotizing way serve more as impressions than as carriers of a story." (Cinestud Filmfestival Amsterdam 2010)

About director:

I've been composing instrumental music from a young age. Finished film school in 2009. Working mostly as a videographer. Spent years learning to cope with anxiety which has had a strong influence on my work. In my films I try to convey an experience to the audience and so they often deviate from a classical narrative. Philosophical sources of inspirations regarding this project: Nicolaus Steno, James Hutton, Soren Kierkegaard, Maurice-Merleau Ponty...